3010 Gaylord Parkway, Frisco, TX

Technical Requirements

Web Applications

The Transplace suite of web applications can run on any computer with an internet connection and supported browser.  All browsers must be configured to allow cookies, enable JavaScript, enable SSL 2.0/3.0, and allow popups from *.transplace.com.  The following browsers are supported by Transplace.

Browser Version Notes
Microsoft Internet Explorer Current and last prior version Transplace recommends installing all Microsoft Updates.  It is recommended to put *.transplace.com in your browsers trusted sites and set security to medium for trusted sites.
Mozilla Firefox Current version There are known issues with Carrier Portal.
Google Chrome Current Version There are known issues with Carrier Portal.

Desktop Applications

In addition to the browser requirements noted above, the Transplace suite of Java Desktop Applications require a compatible Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Transplace supports the current version of the JRE on Windows 7 and above Operating Systems. While the applications are known to work on other Operating Systems and other versions of the JRE, this is an unsupported configuration.

Network Configuration

In order to ensure connectivity to the Transplace suite of applications you will want to ensure traffic to Transplace servers are allowed over port 80 and port 443.

We suggest you whitelist our two Class C networks:

  • 208.191.62./0/24

Or alternatively, you can whitelist individual hosts:

Host IP Address

Unexpected results may occur if using any configuration outside of what is supported.

** Please check back as Technical Requirements are subject to change.